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Free Home Pick Up & Delivery

Pride Cleaner’s is now offering FREE Home Pick Up & Delivery. This is dry cleaning and laundry the EASY way!

Our FREE Pick Up & Delivery services offers:

  • Twice a week Pick Up & Delivery.
  • No need to be at home.
  • Receive a FREE Valet Bag to put your clothes in.
  • All clothes are bar coded, and you will receive an email once your clothes have been delivered.
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Same Day Service

Same day service in by 9 out by 5. We are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.


service_laundryPride Cleaners offers laundry services. Laundry items include button down shirts, cotton pants/shorts, jeans, cotton blouses, western shirts, and some household items. At Pride Cleaners we specialize in expert shirt service. We strive to give you back your shirts cleaned and pressed with no cracked or missing buttons. We clip the sleeves together so that your shirts will look excellent after transport home. We can also fold your shirts for you if you are preparing for a business trip. We offer several levels of starch from No Starch, Light Starch, Medium Starch, and Heavy Starch. We can honor special request on your laundered items from no creases in pants, to creased sleeves in shirts. We take extra especial care in making sure your buttons match and are tightened and that your clothes are crisp and fresh.

Dry Cleaning

At Pride Cleaners we offer superior dry cleaning services. All of our equipment is well-maintained to ensure professional pre-spotting, thorough cleaning, and expert finishing of each garment. We use a petroleum-based solvent because it is the safest for your delicate garments. Our solvent is also odorless. Dry cleaning fluid is continuously recycled at Pride Cleaners, and we take extra steps to guarantee that your clothes are truly cleaned by using a complex filtration system. We GUARANTEE that your whites will stay white and that your clothes will smell fresh and clean with every wash. We provide press-only services as well.

Wet Cleaning

This is a newer technology that Pride Cleaners uses which involves washing clothes that would normally be dry cleaned. We use specially formulated detergents and conditioners that ensure garments keep their color and texture. This process is beneficial for white garments as well as garments that have been exposed to perspiration. At Pride Cleaners we understand that your clothes are an investment and we want to help protect these personal assets.

Shirt Folding

In addition to our superior laundry and dry cleaning services, we also offer premier folding and packaging of your shirts. This process is perfect for travel because it helps to avoid less wrinkles. We fold the shirt with a cardboard insert and cover it with a protective plastic bag making it convenient for packing while still looking great for when you arrive to your final destination.


At Pride Cleaners we can clean almost any household cloth item including napkins, most draperies, and anything in between. We specialize in cleaning comforters and expertly bagging them in easy to carry zip locking bags with mesh sides for proper storage. Next time you have a dinner party, let us clean and press your tablecloths and napkins. We promise you and your guests will be thoroughly impressed with how crisp they look on your table. Don’t shorten the life of your home washing machine, let us take care of your comforters and blankets in our large front loading commercial washers. We guarantee your households will get a cleaner wash with us.


We offer expert alteration services. Our tailor has 25 years of experience and can mend, hem, or taper any garment. We alter many specialty items from prom dresses to bridesmaid dresses. Alterations are completed in a 3 to 4-day turn around and all garments are pressed at no charge before you receive them.

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Heirlooming

At Pride Cleaners we offer many services when it comes to the care of your wedding gown. We can press your gown before your pictures, or before the big day. In most instances, we can spot clean your gown after pictures if needed as well. We also offer in house cleaning of wedding gowns and are pleased to announce a partnership with a company that can additionally clean and preserve your gown with a lifetime guarantee.

After doing wedding dresses in house for several years we are now using a service that exclusively handles wedding gowns and other specialty dresses. After being extremely pleased with the quality of several friends and family’s gowns, we have decided to contract heirlooming garments to Memories Gown Preservation. You can visit their web site to get a detailed explanation of the services they offer through Pride Cleaners.

Memories Gown Preservation can help you remember the most romantic day of your life and the dress that made it magical. They carefully clean your dress with gentle, eco-friendly solvents, preserve it to prevent future damage to its fabric, and place it in a viewing chest for easy storage. Don’t let your bridal gown suffer from the damaging effects of time and the environment. Let their cleaning, preserving, and restoration services help you sustain your gown’s splendor.


Laundered Shirts

Laundered shirts have their sleeves clipped in front of the body so that it looks its best when you take it out of your closet to wear.


All skirts are hung by the waist on plastic skirt hangers. This allows your skirt to hang straight with no damage to the fabric by pins or clips.


Most sweaters are cleaned and pressed then folded over a hanger and placed in a breathable bag. This prevents stretching of the shoulder area.


Suit Coats are hung on hangers that use a plastic coat retainer so that your suit coat keeps it original shape.

Sports Coats

Ladies Sport coats have tissue stuffed in the sleeves to maintain proper shape and form.


All comforters are folded and put in a breathable comforter bag to allow for safe storage and to take up less space in your closets.

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