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Pride Is Your Greener Cleaners

Did you know that Pride Cleaners takes extreme measures to make sure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible? To cut down on harmful chemicals, Pride Cleaners uses only the safest petroleum based solvents on the market today. Our green approach to the dry cleaning process continuously recycles all cleaning fluid through a complex [...]

2017-04-13T20:29:09-05:00April 13th, 2017|

A Day in the Life of Your Clothes at Pride Cleaners

Who handles them and how do we make them look renewed and refreshed? Your clothes are in the best care when they’re with Pride Cleaners! Our professional garment handlers are trained to remove stains, solve problems, press out wrinkles, and make your clothes look the best they can. Step 1: The Drop Off The process [...]

2020-01-23T16:36:43-06:00April 4th, 2017|